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Seven Management Strategies for Success by Amy Marson

Seven Management Strategies for Success by Amy Marson

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Have you tried to create a productive, collaborative team and then felt frustrated and overwhelmed when things weren't completed on time, in the right way? Have you ever communicated with your team in a way that unintentionally hurt feelings or created ill will? Is it time to refocus your team's priorities to improve your bottom line?

Amy Marson shares her proven strategies and best practices for becoming an effective manager who builds a motivated, high-performing team that enables you to achieve your goals for financial success!

Topics Include:

• Empower your team.
• Collaborate effectively with one another.
• Be more creative, efficient, and productive.
• Communicate effectively with one another and your customers.
• Set S.M.A.R.T goals.
• Use the head, heart, and hands approach.

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