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Guide to Strategic Planning Workbook & On-Demand Webinar by Todd Gibson

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Most successful, growing businesses have something in common: They are executing a comprehensive strategic plan. Developing a strategic plan provides all of a business's stakeholders (owners, employees, customers, and others) with a shared understanding of why the business exists, how it realizes its mission, the objectives that have been set for the business through upcoming years, and what everyone must be doing now and in the future to help realize those objectives. Without all of these things working together, a business is at the mercy of its environment—posting modest returns during good times and struggling when times are bad. In this workbook, you will walk step-by-step through a simple, yet powerful, approach to creating a strategic plan for your shop.

This workbook is developed specifically for the independent fabric retailer, and it features a number of worksheets and templates (in Microsoft Office format) that will greatly simplify the process of developing your own strategic plan. The workbook also includes a detailed case study illustrating one quilt shop's journey through the planning process using this approach. 

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Develop a Strategic Plan
On-Demand Webinar
by Todd Gibson

Description: Learn how to develop a strategic plan for your shop! During this on-demand webinar, Todd Gibson will share an overview of his simple, yet powerful, approach to strategic planning that will help you:

  • develop mission and vision statements to guide your strategic decisions
  • evaluate the environment in which your business is operating and how your business performs relative to its peers
  • define clear, targeted objectives for your business to realize
  • develop a realistic plan for implementing the objectives you set



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