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Employee Handbook: Customer Service II  by Marti Michell

Employee Handbook: Customer Service II by Marti Michell

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Customer Service Employee Handbook by Marti Michell

A must-have training resource for every employee!

Once again Marti Michell shares innovative ideas that you and your staff can start using immediately to turn your customers into loyal fans of your shop. Her down-to-earth advice about engaging customers and developing a welcoming ambiance are critical pieces of the customer service puzzle.

Don’t miss out on Marti’s sage advice on:

  • Make everyone feel welcome in your shop.
  • Listen to customers and empathize with their needs.
  • Be an expert in the products and services you offer.
  • Create a culture of customer service among your staff.
  • Stay true to your word.
  • Be memorable, for the right reasons.
  • All this and more!

The Importance of Customer Service II is full of examples, role-play ideas, and useful scripts for situations as diverse as conversing with shoppers who don’t “fit the quilt-shop mold” and dealing with disgruntled customers. Perfect for everyone who works in a quilt/fabric shop.

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