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Beginning Quilting I

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Beginning Quilting I

– A Learn-to-Quilt Program Guide by Debbie Welch

New quilters are the lifeblood of your quilt shop. When a new quilter completes a project, that's success "the best motivator to take the next class and start the next project" and buy more fabric, books, and notions in your store. And that's what this special beginner class, developed by a seasoned quilt-shop owner, is designed to do. Debbie Welch has been teaching Beginning Quilting in her shop several times a year for the past 12 years. And now you can offer her time-tested class in your shop using the specially designed materials in this program.

In just eight easy two-hour classes, you can teach new quilters to successfully finish their first quilt. There's nothing like success to encourage a new quilter! And nothing like investing in the future of your shop by developing new, happy customers.

  • Complete directions for a small quilt featuring two easy blocks that create a new, secondary pattern when combined. Two simple blocks add up to a lap or baby quilt that can be finish during class.
  • Minimal homework

The download or CD format is designed so your shop makes a one-time investment in materials you can use again and again to promote and teach the class. It includes printing masters so you can print only what you need, when you need it, based on your class enrollment. This class is intended for Brick and Mortar shops with classrooms. It is not to be used as a free pattern, free download, or giveaway.

Masters are included for:

  • Class Supply List so students come to the first class prepared to start their quilts.
  • 20-page Instructor's Guide that includes guidelines for conducting each class, plus a list of products to demonstrate and items to have in stock for each class and for add-on sales after class.
  • 30-page illustrated Student's Handbook with complete directions for each class
  • Nametags to print for students
  • Quilt label template to print on fabric on an inkjet printer for each student to add to their quilt
  • Certificate of completion
  • Student coupon for Advanced Beginners Class
  • Marketing poster and in-store signs
Members: View a Sneak Peek!

    "We have been running that program for over 6 years and have had over 300 people take the class. We have 3 teachers that teach it and while some of their personal quilting skills make them want to change a few things, I've asked them not to...this way people have the option to pick up their own nuances after the basics are learned. Besides if someone didn't quite get something, they could come to another teachers session and learn the same thing again! It's the best $100 you'll ever spend! We charge $100 for the 8 session class, and $20 per workbook that we print in color. It has been a very very profitable class! Then, once you have a few base customers from that class you can add on the quilts classes they want to make. We usually always end up having a full class of another project from the attendees of the beginning quilting!"

    Karen Taylor,
    A Scarlet Thread

    "I just wanted to give you feedback on the Beginning Quilting class that we purchased from you last Spring. For various reasons, it took us a while to transition from our previous beginners format to the one purchased from FabShopNet. This fall semester of classes was our first offering and the class just concluded on November 3rd. And the worked beautifully! We tweaked the program here and there to fit our needs, but nothing significantly. I had 12 students and everyone of them finished their quilts and more than half have already begun there next project. I was skeptical that we could get even 4 folks to commit to an 8-week anything! I was wrong, the students were so proud of their totally finished quilt at the end of the eight weeks. The program is excellent! "

    Janice Joyner
    Sisters' Scraps Quilt Shop

       NOTE:  These programs are not to be used as free patterns, free downloads, or giveaways.

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