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Event Marketing Toolkits Bundle

$ 150.00

"If you ever wondered if these are worth the investment, they are. It's not just graphics. There are event ideas, email templates, talking points, and a schedule to keep me on track. This kit is a silent personal assistant. My favorite part is that of all the suggestions for events, not one includes having a sale to draw a crowd. Last year's I Love Fabric Days was my best weekend." 
~ Shannon, Fabrics N Quilts

Order Your Shopowner's Marketing Toolkit Bundle Special!

Each Event Toolkit will give you a plan, keep you on track, and help you spread the word about your event. Plus 3 event ideas in each toolkit!

  • Event Planning: a by week planning calendar/checklist
  • Storefront Signage: custom posters, event flyers, and Bonus Bucks
  • Website and Blog: event badge and web logo
  • Social Media: 3-part email campaign and weekly social media posts with custom images
  • Print Advertising: postcard and print logo
  • Plus more...

Use our dates or have them customized with your dates and logo.

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